Huda ♥

I really can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate you guys for visiting my page! I created this page for you guys who have been so sweet and loving! I want to give some love back, so this page is completely for you!! Send me pics of inspired looks from my blog (, and I will post the pics here!

I love you guys sooo sooo much!!! ❤ ❤

Huda Xxx

OMG!!! I love this picture soooo much!! Taken by my best friend since I was in high school:) I love you Boo!!! Check her out!! Candice Z Photography on Facebook! She’s AMAZING!!

How cute is my sister Mona?!! I did her makeup really quickly the other day, and she made this sign! I thought it was adorable! I love you baby!!!

The other day I posted a picture of my mani that I had done. I went back to Nail Moda and they said a bunch of girls came in and requested the same mani! I can’t tell you how happy it made me! I am super mushy, so it completely made my day! 🙂 Here are a couple photos of some of my gorgeous friends who were inspired by the mani! 🙂 I can’t tell you how much I love you girls!! Mona also has the moon nails in the pics above! 🙂

Jenan had the mani done in the states! Too cute!! Love you boo!!!

Alia my darling!! I love you!! You are so freakin adorable! 🙂


82 Responses to “Huda ♥”

  1. 1 Ghada

    I did one of your hair masks and the lip tutorial 🙂 I love…you made me be inspired to take care of my looks again after loosing 50kilos.

    where should we send the pics to?

    Respect always

    • Darling!! You seriously made my day!! This is one of the reasons why I started this site and it makes me sooooooooooooooo happy to know that it has made you want to get back on track!! I am SOOO PROUD OF YOU!!! 🙂 I love you darling!! Please send the pics to, I can’t wait to see them!! 🙂 Xxx

      • 3 Mariam

        Hi Huda, I admire your work a lot and it is definitely very inspiring. I am currently 2.5 months pregnant and this is my first pregnancy 😀 I was wondering what you could recommend for first time pregnant women as far as preventing stretch marks are concerned and other issues you may see as important to give attention. Thank you so much for your time! Hope to hear from you soon ❤

  2. 4 Afra


    can u show us how to do the wavey hair look please ,, i love it on Muna ?


    • 5 MoniePonie

      Thanks 7abibti!!! You’re so sweeeeeet! That’s actually my hair naturally, I usually straighten it. I’m sure Hoodie has some tricks up her sleeve that could replicate it or even better though! You just made my night! Muaaah! ❤

      • I did use some products on her hair! I used a curl volumizer from Redken and I also used some sea salt and water spray! It works wonders!!

      • 7 Lorna

        Mona, you Gorgeous doll! Love your makeup w/ the contourings & highlights! And your skin – awesome glow from within (move over, JLo). Huda, your Highness Of Beauty, you are so lovely and funny, not to mention beautiful. So love the way you did your sister’s makeup. You are such a beauty maven. Oh, please, make a review of the best BB cream for us light to medium skin tone gals. Thank you!

  3. 8 Alya

    ❤ you so much!!! What a cute idea!!! You keep getting hotter and hotter!!! You have inspired me so much!!! I have started taking better care of myself and look so much better and can't imagine what I am going to look like in 6 months!!! Thanks HUDA BEAUTY!!! You're the best!!!

  4. 9 candice

    This is AWESOME! Love this page doll!!

  5. 10 Yazii

    OMG ur sis is gawjuus Like UU !! ahh , i luvd her maaakeup whch tutorial is this ?

  6. 11 Renren

    you need to do a tutorial on mona’s look! plzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. WHOOOOOO GO HOOODIE!!!!!! REPRESENTING HUDABEAUTY!!!!! This is such a great aspect of your blog!! ❤

  8. 13 shabeena

    i have used one of ur skin care routine for soft and smooth skin.the amazing thing is my boyfrnd caals me smoothy know. i love the results.i want to know can i use retin A cream for face also.i want the same results on face also.can u suggest some thing thank u and love for the super tips.

  9. 14 nailah

    WOW! ur sisters so beautiful tabarakAllah xoxo

  10. you’re doing an amazing job..getting hooked to your videos & site.. keep it up!

  11. 16 Saima

    nice 😉

  12. 17 Yulia

    Thank you Hoodie for doing this for us. I love Huda Beauty. I love you xxx

  13. 18 M

    To start with – I am a guy in mid 20’s! & I am not Gay – incase you think what is a guy doing here! I just happened to receive some links from somebody which made me curious to visit the site, and it’s weird i browsed 11 pages reading post by post because they were so genuine, informative and natural (now i am tired finally, if i was a girl i would browse till the last page you started with:P) and i must say – GREAT WORK! I haven’t seen a proper virtual website for beauty tutorials in ages, you have profound knowledge about beauty which women DO NOT have AT ALL today! Not in dubai atleast – the females i see in malls make me sick!! & the females i see in cosmetic outlets – make me even more sick! (with all their pink blush and dark pink lipsticks and smokey eye make ups – GOD SAVE US!!)
    But anyway – Very sure are going to make a lot of women here look good..
    All the best!:-)
    I repeat – i am not gay! haha!

    • 19 Elina Koupatsari

      Dear M! You started off well, but I was upset when you started talking about women whose make up “makes you sick”! That’s harsh! Women put a lot of effort to look good and if they don’t it’s because some either cannot afford to know better, or they have been taking bad advise, or they don’t feel good about something and that reflects in the way they put on their make up. Love women, no matter how they look! For every “sick” face you see there might be a little “sick” heart underneath. Harsh judgment doesn’t help. How about that… next time you see one of these “females” in a mall, walk up to her and say: “Hi! You have really nice features, you should try some more natural make up. Have you checked out Huda’s website”?

      • 20 Lorna

        I second the motion.
        No woman is not beautiful. ALL women are ~beautiful~. And ~more beautiful~ with make up. Moreso, if the make up is done by the gorgeous, sweet, loving, considerate & funny Huda —> the beauty maven. Period.

  14. 21 Kelly

    Wow Huda you’re becoming a phenomenon!!! Congrats!! Wish you the best!

  15. 22 mony

    u r from kuwait ?

  16. 23 Katherine

    I’ve never realized what an art there is to make-up, and how doing it properly makes such a big difference. I am proud to say you are my first and only channel I have subscribed to on youtube, and that today I tried the nose contouring at home, with products I already own and can’t wait to order the kit you used. I have also been blessed with what people refer to as a grecian nose, and this helped even it out so much. Also the shading with the *juicy* lips was really helpful. Thank you so much!

  17. 24 viva k.

    I never understood the importance of makeup until I watched your contour videos. I decided to go on YouTube and ever since watching your videos, I love make-up!
    Also, my fav video is your Flawless Foundation as well as Plastic Surgery Make-up. I have been contouring ever-since! I cant leave home without it! I’d love to see a review and tutorial on great concealers and primers. I have acne scars, pits and large pores (i totally sound gross lol). I’d love to find a way to make them less noticeable.




  18. 26 Sid

    Hey huda, i jus happened to stumble upon ur blog n all i can say is “instant love”
    ur doing a great job. m so visiting again n again soon inshAllah
    i watched your video on contouring ur jaw line and i cudnt help notice ur mascara tht defines ur eyelashes and eyes so well…was wondering which mascara do u use?

    • You’re sooo cute!! I’m soo happy you like it baby!!! 🙂

      I am actually wearing false lashes in that video, I was out earlier and just did the video when I got home! Also, you must try the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner! LOVE IT!!!

  19. 28 Somaya

    As a fellow emirati i am so proud of u…
    I think u r way beautiful than kim kardashian and r an inspiration to use make up 2 enhance ur God given features..i was so sad, a few days ago and was thinking of doing khaleeji genes have given me a long beak nose which i hate so much..after i saw your nose contouring..i just admired u saw much..and for that i say thank u..People like u who make us appreciate our flaws in life r the best..U rock gul..not people like kim kardashian who enhance people 2 do plastic surgery and unappreciate our God’s given beauty..
    Thank you ya huda 😀

  20. 29 Karisma

    could you give a breakdown of your sister’s make up.

  21. 30 Tala

    Huda! Let me start by saying how much I love this blog. It inspires many women out there (including me) who can use some advice about how to look gorgeous + stay healthy at the same time. I might wanna suggest you open your own store where you can give make up lessons and apply to some women. I’m sure it’ll be one of Dubai’s most visited stores. Haha. Anyway, keep up the good job :*

  22. 31 Huda

    Hey Huda!

    First off, I just want to say we have the same name and we spell it the same.
    I bumped into your vids on youtube. I love how you do makeup. A lot arab makeup artists when it comes to makeup can be over the top. I went to a arab salon in brooklyn and let me just say I wish you had done my makeup for my brother’s wedding. I know how to do makeup but, I figured that since it was my brother’s wedding why add more stress. Now I know that was a wrong idea.
    I wish I could meet you Huda. I love your blog. You kinda remind me of my cousin Zoubeida because she has big beautiful eyes like yourself and myself as well. I also have a mole on my nose but, it’s toward the lower right corner of my nose.

    I love beauty, fashion, and home remedies as well. It’s crazy how we are a like.
    I hope you could come to NYC in the future. Let us know if you will be doing an event ok.

    Well, take care Huda!


  23. 32 zeinab

    hi huda how are u doing? iam al so make up arist stil learn everyday some thing , new i love u make up video on youtube….

  24. 33 Cassidy

    Huda! I’ve been following your blog for almost a year now and it has completely transformed my perspective on beauty and wellness! Not to mention I am sooo much better at doing my own make up… 🙂 I feel more beautiful because of all of the wonderful information you share with us. You are so bright and your sincerity and passion just emanates through your blog!!
    ❤ ❤

  25. Hey Huda
    Just want to say i LOVE your blog and even die tutorials are amazing, i read about you in the ahlan Hot 100 and just when i saw your pic with your sisters i thought wow that lady has very nice style!!!! I now follow all your make up tutorials LOVE IT!!!!! So thank you sooo much! xx

    • ps i also posted your website on my face book so that all my South African friends can join!!!!:-)

      • Awww!! Baby!!! You have noooo idea how much that means to me!!! I seriously can’t put it into words!! Thank you baby!!! 🙂 Xxxxxx

  26. I ❤ YOU DOLL!!
    Your blog is amazing, you're doing a great job! Good luck with everything you do Hudie! 🙂

    hugs and kisses ❤ ❤ ❤

  27. Omw im very very very excited about Kim Kardashian coming to Dubai….so the post 2day……Huda you must get an interview with her if its posible…… or maybe a make up totorial….:-)

  28. 39 wasoola

    Hi Huda.. hope ur great dear 🙂
    I’m a big fan of ur work, i try most of ur tips and they are really great :))
    ur blog is one of the main windows that are always open on my pc
    loooove u ,,,,,u r the best ❤

  29. 40 golara

    Hi huda, I will be in dubai for next week and want to know some good hair stylist , and make up artist.. can you suggest me one? r you available for that 🙂

    • 41 golara

      do you actually need a model for make up … I would be happy to help:)

  30. hi huda i want u ask u somthing u how to correct the discolouration of skin actually my face and over all body is fair but my feets and hands r darker then that tell me somthing plzzz i’mm waiting for ur reply i’m big fan of urs ur skin ur style everthg is superbbbbbb do reply by mail tnks

  31. 43 SUMZIII

    OMG!!! hun i luv ur page. i mean i was wondering on the internet sites like sum crazy person n jst ended up here. straight after my exams ill try these tip.
    by the way u are so talented and i will bring the whole londoners to this page.


  32. 44 Nooura

    All i can say is that i love love love love this blog ! im so glad i came across it !! U have made a major difference in my life and the way i look at myself and the way i improve the beauty that already implemented! your truly blessed with amazing skills and i love everything about you and your blogs , keep us attained much love from the UK , mwaaa

  33. 45 fajer

    hi huda
    i was wondering if you do make up for customers
    and how can i reach u perasonaly


  34. 46 Maria

    LOVIN your blog! 🙂

  35. your blog is amazing!
    has so many great tips and fun facts! ❤
    i dream of becoming a makeup artist one day too! (; yay!

  36. i love that

  37. 49 Moska

    ur so beautiful i must sayyyy!

    just had something to askk..
    i cant really say i have badd skin, bt its soo uneven. i have scars from pimples and black head that drive me crazy!
    anything i can use (home made products) that will give me beautiful skin

  38. 50 Linda

    Huda, I love love love your blog. Plz make more videos. I like your videos sooooo much too. Keep on the good work.

  39. Dear Huda,

    I would like to know the brand of derma roller you use, is it Dr. Roller or Scientia or ZGTS?
    whats the micro needle size you use?
    where do you get this to buy in dubai?

  40. 53 RaRa

    Hi Huda

    I want to thank you for your videos

    You are sooooooooo beautiful and your sister too

  41. Hi Huda,
    I’m really glad to find your blog. I’m based in Dubai as well and have been watching videos on youtube about beauty and fashion and I stumbled upon yours. I’m really happy to know someone from the youtube community here in Dubai as well 🙂 Thanks for your lovely blogposts.

  42. 55 maha

    Dear Huda
    I would like for you to do my wedding makeup if it possible lets communicate the details

  43. 56 Sasha

    You are like an Idol , i Love make-up
    But Really How do u keep Your hair so gorgeous & Long?
    I Must KNOWW 🙂

  44. 57 Nina

    Hello,Huda~ I didn’t know anything about you … Actually I’m glad because I found your website accidentally … and also You’ve made me smile when i realized that you’re an Arabian. I’m arabian so that’s why:)
    Let me tell you that I appreciated your hard working, you’re fabulous .

    I really loved your website so helpful! ~ Thank you so much .

  45. 58 alejandra

    Hi, ur gorgeous and I LOVE UR MAKEUP! It would be amazing if u could do a makeup tutorial on the look u have for ur
    I LOVE HUDA BEAUTY pics shown on this page plz! Thnx soooo mucH! Keep doing what u like cuz ur made to do thiS!!!

  46. what a wonderful irony – You are a make-up artiste and you do not even require a trace of make-up to mak you look good. God has blessed you with such immense beauty and grace – you look wonderfully natural

  47. You’re so pretty! I love your hair! I wish I could wear mine like that but my forehead requires bangs….Lol

  48. 61 natasha

    Huda!! Hi – i love your blog and follow u everday and i think u are amazing at what u do. not only are u talented but your personality is so down to earth that it makrs your blog even more watchable!

    i am a makeup freak and love taking care of my skin and appearance daily – i have learnt alot through you – i follow all your makeup and hair tutorials.. However i have a confession! i am 21 years old and i have been biting my nails since i was a little girl!!! how can i stop? i try but i get so frustrated and its like second nature to just start biting again 😦 i really want pretty nails but i can’t seem to stop biting them.. any tips or anything you would recommend that would prevent me from this terrible habbit!!!

    Lots of love

    keep up the amazing work!


  49. 62 Sara

    U are all so gorgeous!! And talented.. Thank you for sharing your tips!! xxx

  50. Peace to you. My name is Susan from Jeddah suffer from severe skin roughness only on the face .. and I’m diseased thyroid gland, thyroxine and pick a day Is this the reason of the coarseness of the face .. and what type of creams would you recommend it to the roughness of the face
    Please give me ..
    You are guided by what she saw most beautiful eyes. Love you very much

  51. dear huda,
    I bumped into your videos on youtube by accident but i m really really glad this happened! You do such an amazing job. luv your tutorials and your blog!
    would you mind if I put the link to your blog on my own blog?
    greetings from switzerland and hope to see more tutorials on youtube soon 🙂 I d love to see a video about the products you use for your hair – you have such beautiful great hair. xo Lea

  52. hi huda, you look so like kim kardashian♥, your really pretty and all i wanted to say is where you from and how much do your prices start from?x x x x

  53. 66 terivogybeauty

    You are gorgeous!! I’m super jealous ❤

  54. 67 terivogybeauty

    Oh & I disagree about you looking like Kim K. You’re beautiful and she’s, well, not even close. You can tell I’m not a fan :-/

  55. 68 RanuJanu

    I am pleased to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check out post

  56. 69 Mayra Aquino

    Im soo ADDICTED to ur you tube videos, I LoVE makeup soo much too,.. I do come w my own ideas but learning some new everyday from u is awesome… Been hesitant to buy anything mac product, but I’m sold… Since I do not have anything Mac – what would u recommend for essentials. I am Mexican n have almond eyes, brown n tan skin , w big lips( that’s what everyone says) , 😉 …. Could u give me some pointers, hope to hear from you soo , as always thank you

  57. 70 Fauziaaa

    huda you are soooooo beautiful mashallah
    i really love your make up ideas, i just disocvered you and im just addicted to your videos now!!!

    keep it up hunnn xxxxxx

  58. great work…KIT….I’ve sent an e-mail. Hoping a reply.

  59. I got error message 3 times. Is there any other way to contact you.

  60. 73 hafsah

    I’ve been watching all the tutorials and also trying them at home….. thank u so much huda I really do love u x

  61. 74 mishele

    hey there 🙂
    i looove ur look , videos, pics and talking ….
    ur gorgeous! i saw ur videos on utube few weeks ago and i kept watching ur videos! they gave inspiration, advices and everything! then i decided to visit ur blog! and i loooove ur blog!
    u know what? i really really like the quote that u said in Meet Huda ( the last answer) about imperfection!!! i am originally from central asia. and a year ago i came to canada. anyway, i got spot in my head and heart!
    btw i looove fashion and makeup. i am thinking maybe i should go for what i want 🙂 ( i meant as a career )
    good luck ! u r AWESOME ❤
    love from teenager 🙂

  62. 75 Sarah

    Hey Huda, I just wanna know where are you from?

  63. Hey Huda,

    Your blog is amazing, so inspiring! May Allah keep blessing you with success! insh Allah YOU GO GIRL!

    Lots of Love K x

  64. 77 Jillian

    Could you please do a blog about non-animal tested products? I’m currently trying to only buy products that are cruelty free! It would be soooo helpful!
    P.s. make sure they really are, not just say that on the bottle like a lot do…..
    Thanks again! Luv u and allllll ur blogs! Totally a follower!

  65. 78 ali

    my sister huda thinks she ownsthi website

  66. 79 ali

    my sister huda thinks she owns this website

  67. 80 lara

    heeey huda :))
    you are sooo beautiful and amazing! freakin adorable i love your videos and all your beauty tipps ! great job :))
    lovee u xx

  68. 81 Alya

    Hellow Huda ❤ I Seriously love ur style and makeup , are you married ? and from were you are ?? !!

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