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25 Responses to “In The Press”

  1. 1 alia b

    go huddaaaa

  2. 3 Alya

    You’re soooooooooo incredibly talented!!! So proud of you baby!!! Best of luck!!! Wish you all the success in the world!!

  3. 4 Kathy

    I know that you are new to this industry and wow I can’t believe how much you have done in this short period! That is really amazing! If you keep it up, you are going to be the best of the best in the world! Thanks for all your great posts and tutorials!!!

  4. 5 Candice

    OMG!! This page made me cry!!! I’m so proud.. no one deserves this more than you! You’re an inspiration to so many baby! ❤ u

  5. 6 RaFi

    Hi Huda,
    I’ve been following your blog for a while now.. and it utterly changed my perspective on life.. It honestly taught me how to love myself and take care of “me”.. I just wanted to pass by and say: THANK YOU HUDA from the bottom of my heart.. I wish u all the best and I can’t wait until you build ur own beauty empire in the Middle East.. we need you, and we’re proud of you.. keep it up! By the way, I saw you the other day on one of MBC’s shows (Hwa wa Hiya).. I almost screamed when I recognized you.. I was like: OMG Huda HUDA! LOL.. it was nice to see you there..

    Please accept my kindest regards..

  6. 7 Kelly

    Amazing how much you have accomplished!!! You go girl!!! More power to you!

  7. 9 Chelsea

    love it! congratulations on all of your successes.. and many more to come, your future is bright darling, xoxo

  8. 10 Danya

    I’ve seen you a couple of times as well on Hello! and Ahlan english! :)))
    Thumbs up for your new Etisalat ad also!! All the best, am sure you’re such a inspration!!! 🙂

  9. 11 Mary Monroe

    You’re amazing! I’m so glad to have discovered your talents… The beauty tips you’ve posted are very useful to me. I love makeup and learning from someone experienced enhances my ways of beauty. <333

  10. GREAt website and thanks for posting the debacle on Plus-Size model creating Fat Women!! ARGH!!!

  11. 13 word

    I wana be just like youuuuu :)))

  12. 14 Nurulayn

    Huda you are honestly so beautiful and I love your make-up/skin care/product tips.
    I have all my girlfriends/female family members hooked on to your page.
    I just wanted to ask whats your heritage 🙂

  13. 15 zienab

    i might be your youngest fan i love u so much

  14. 16 Amanie

    I love you Huda you re the best and you inspire me :=

  15. 17 lolly

    i love u so much huda

  16. 18 Lisa

    You are really great. and watching your youtube tutorials make people have more self confident because you have so much great tips. wish u all the luck / from sweden

  17. 19 Alia

    heyyyy! Youre so talented mashalla!<3 i lovee you! keep it up :p

  18. 20 Sara

    U gooo girl! You are a great example for a lot of people

  19. 21 funkygirl

    Hey Hude..

    I love your MAKE -UP alot..:)

    So , i have question , you can come to Abu Dhabi and do for me my make-up if i hava wedding ?

  20. 22 Jiema

    Huda your so Beautiful, Mashallah! 🙂
    True inspiration you are ❤
    Can you please do a tutorial for JLo inspired Get on the floor makeup tutorial please? xxx

  21. السلام عليكم

    انا لاحظت ان لما احط فااندويشن الحبوب تباان اكثرررر
    يعني وجهي من غير فاندويشن اررررررررررحم وماتباااااااان
    جربت تست فاندويشن ماك للسهرات اغمق من درجتي ورحت فيه للحفله واشوف شكلي بالمرايه
    ونفس المشكله

    يعني قهرررر الناس تحط الميك اب علشان تخفي العيوب وانا عكس تظهر عيووبي
    مع العلم اني اتعالج من الحبوب والحمدالله مااشيه يعني اللي يشوف وجهي من غير اساس يقول مشاءالله وجهك مافي حبوب علشان تروحي للدكتوره وتعالو شوفوه لما اسوي الفاندويشن وربي احباااط قلت في النهايه راح اكتفي بالكونسيلر والباودر بس

    مع العلم اني بشرتي مختلطه
    اعطووني حلول

    وناويه اشتري فوايفر اتش دي هل ينفع اللي مثل حالاتي
    ,ماهي البودره اللي تناسب البشره المختلطه

  22. 24 May


    I live in Canada and have been following your blog for sometimes. Great job!!!

    However, even though your tips and advice are phenomenal, I really need so much help on the beauty side. Basically, I need a makeover from an honest, beauty expert like you.

    I’m attending a wedding soon, so maybe I can step by step advice.

    Thanks alot!!

  23. 25 babyjennifer

    Love you page!

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